Different Types of Recliner Chair: Everything You Need to Know

Different Types of Recliner Chair

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In our work stations, we need to work standing or sitting for hours. When we are back from work, we need comfort. A reclining chair can give us that comfort and heal the tiredness of a long day. Even if you are chilling and excited to watch an exciting game on TV, or playing games for hours, recliners chairs can enhance your entertainment experiences and take care of health. Patients with medical conditions, pregnant women, and older adults may get extra assistance with this incredible chair.

Common Type of Recliners:

Each of the recliners has different levels of adjustment according to the need of the moment: watching TV, playing video games, reading books, listening to music, healthcare, patient care, etc.

1. Traditional Two-Position recliners:

The most prevalent type of recliner chair.  Based on different models, it can offer 115 to 145 degrees recline. This type of recliner can provide you comfort and relief from existing back pain. Generally, Traditional Two-Position recliners are designed classically with mid-sized leg rest. It consists position for two people; thus, it is very spacious. Most of the traditional two-position recliners are manually operated with lever or push buttons. This recliner adorns home nicely.

2. Rocker Recliners:

This type of recliner chair will provide you back and forth motion, and this will change the chair angle according to the floor distance. It has multiple reclining points. Rocker Recliners are multipurpose comforting chair. If you are excited to watch a crucial game with ease and comfort, or a mother and her baby want relaxing sleep, rocker recliners are the best fit. It’s also great for regular uses.

3. The Push-Back Recliner Chair:

Easy adjustment of the reclining position is the key feature of this chair. You can fix your cone of comfort just by pressing a lever or pushing a button. With reclining back, you will get an uplifting footrest. After a long tiring day or just after heavy gym load, push-back recliners can unleash all tiredness with ease. Best recliner chair to watch a Netflix series or to have a tight sleep.

4. The Power Lift/Riser Recliner:

It is a particular type of recliner chair commonly used as medical equipment. People who are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, or osteoporosis. Patients feel discomfort in transition positions, like sitting to standing. This lift recliner supports patients of these diseases as mentioned earlier comfort in the transition states. This electric relaxation lift chair will offer a unique experience of relaxation and well-being comfortably installed. You can tilt its backrest and raise its footrest as you wish effortlessly by simply pressing the remote control!

5. The Wall Saver/ Hugger Recliners:

Wall Hugger recliners are renowned for their quality and comfort. It is an elegant piece of furniture that matches current trends and makes your home a perfect place to live for you and your family. It is a wall-hugging variant of traditional recliners. This type of recliner reclines typically up to a certain angle. These recliners are meant to be installed near the wall, but you can install it wherever you want. Some of the wall hugger recliners are fixed type (One position, fixed), and some are changeable. To enhance a touch of elegance and class, consider the recliners in your home and not the traditional recliners, but wall recliners.

6. The Powered Recliner:

Well, the name of the recliners expresses all about this recliner. Quality of life can be improved with relaxing massage function and lumbar heat. Multiple motors are used to rise or bend down the recliner chair. There is no use of sensors in this type of recliner, but it can adjust the position according to the human body’s weight and motion. Motors of the powered recliner ran by the electricity. Recliners are the ideal furniture to rest after a long day or to relax. You will feel good, as these chairs are finished with the maximum quality density fillings to deliver care in a comfortable position. Commonly there are multiple vibrating motors to offer a pleasant feeling of well-being on the shoulders, back, buttocks, and legs. Several areas to guarantee maximum comfort, including a rear push function to raise the leg rest and recline the backrest.

7. Recliner Chair with Massage/Zero Gravity Message chair:

This type of recliner chair is facilitated with body messaging and traditional reclining chair features. This Zero-Gravity armchair combines everything you are looking for in an armchair. It is commonly a two-motor system that allows you to adjust the legs’ angle independently of the backrest, so according to your comfort. It is also the only model to offer an almost vertical leg position. In this position, your legs get maximum blood circulation, ideal for anyone with heavy legs, phlebitis, varicose veins, people with diabetes, and more! With its leather cover and a layer of memory foam, it’s total happiness! A try will charm you! I’m feeling sleepy now, by thinking one of these beauties. Truly but sadly, It’s too expensive for me.

8. High Leg Recliner:

Traditional looking recliner but differ in functions. Relaxation chair with 1 or 2 motors with a simple design to integrate into the house. You will enjoy a backrest that reclines to adopt a position of absolute comfort. The headrest can be adjusted according to your needs. Also, you will get customizable feet, upholstery, and colors. It has a more functional and practical leg positioning system compared to traditional recliners. Some leg recliners can be highly beneficial for a person with accidental leg injuries or leg cramps. The leg recliners will quickly adjust to your living rooms as it takes smaller space than traditional recliners.


Special Type of Recliners:

1. The Orthopedic Recliner:

This type of recliner chair is specially designed for patients with back pain and skeletal issues. The orthopedic recliners easily handle heavyweight.

2. The Recliner Sofa:

Sofa type recliner. Consists of reclining facilities with comfortable cushions. The preferred option for any house or apartment, the classic design adapts to your decoration, and you can buy it in one, two, and three sections depending on your space.

3. The Club Chair/Lounge Chair:

The lounge chair is France originated. Mainly it’s an armchair. Lather covering brings aristocracy to this chair. Very fancy looking chair, will nicely décor your fireplace area or lounge, of course!

4. Kids Recliner:

A sofa like a reclining chair, specially designed for kids. Smaller in size, but the looks will admire any child. Most of the kid recliners are designed in such a way that it will ensure kid safety.

5. The Wingback Chair Recliner:

I’m the biggest fan of antiquities, and when I see a Wingback chair recliner, just one word comes out of my mind, “Majestic”. It has a classic look with a manual reclining facility.

6. The Mission Style Recliner:

With gorgeous wooden armrest and leather coated seat, it will blow your mind. It is a manually operated recliner and suits people of all ages. Very comfortable with leg rest and backrest. The tilted headrest will provide much comfort to your head.

7. Swivel Recliner:

Swivel Recliner is more of a couch than a recliner. This couch-recliner hybrid will provide you ultimate sitting and sleeping comforts, as it is vast in size. It is amusing to sleep on one of those.

8. Power Cuddler Recliner:

Very wide and comforting recliner. It can adjust two adults without turning it into a couch. This recliner is made of Larch, Poplar, and plywood, and the cover is made of 55% Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) and 45% leather.

9. Gamer Recliner:

Well designed, especially for gamers. The distinctive and luxurious gaming chair usually comes with an independent footrest that can be a great addition to your home and office when playing computer games, working, or relaxing. This type of recliner chair will ensure hours of gameplay without having any back pain and cramps. Usually, gaming recliners are two-way reclining chairs.

10. Heavy Duty Recliner:

Generally, heavy-duty recliners are for heavily weighted adults. Very wide and comforting.

11. Remote Controlled Recliner:

The reclining activity can be controlled from a distant position. This chair is beneficial for a paralyzed person who cannot move the body to adjust the reclining position, or a family member can remotely control the sitting/lying position of a disabled person.


Recliners Based on Size:

1. Large or tall man Recliner:

This recliner is usually enormous and vast compared to the standard recliners. Commonly, large and tall man recliners are around 20-25 inches wide and 22-25 inches height. Of course, the size, length, and comprehensive may vary producer to producer. One might choose based on his/her weight and height.

2. Standard or Average Size Recliner:

This type of recliner suits most of the average size of people. It can easily adjust a person of 180 pounds weight and 6 feet in height.

3. Small or Short Man Recliner:

Especially, this grade recliners are for a shorter person. Also, designed by considering the facility needed by a short person.

4. Petite:

Small recliner. It can be used in different case scenarios, but most of the cases, it is beneficial for a shorter person and children less than 5.4 feet.


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the most crucial feature of a reclining chair?

Answer: Different reclining chairs are designed and decorated in various ways, but the crucial point is its reclining facility.

2. What is the power source of motor-driven recliners?

Answer: Powered recliners are electrically driven. But, most of the power recliners have rechargeable batteries. Few are operated through AC electricity. Also, there is a universal concept of electric shock. It is sporadic such a case happened. The electrical lines and controlling buttons are well insulated.

3. What is the best recliner chair for disabled, handicapped, or physically challenged person?

Answer: Suggested recliner chairs for a disabled or physically challenged person are Power Lift/Riser Recliner, Recliner Chair with Massage/Zero Gravity Message chair, and Orthopaedic Recliner. People with sit-stand transition problems can be benefited from Lift/Riser recliner. Partially paralyzed patients can use Chair with Massage/Zero Gravity Message chair for relaxing and even for body messaging.

4. Is it wrong for health to sleep on a recliner?

Answer: No, it is not bad for your health. You can sleep on a recliner if you already don’t have any significant issuers with cramps or muscle stiffness.

5. Ordinary chair or Recliners, which one should I use?

Answer: As mentioned before, in our work station, we need to tolerate regular chairs all along the day. This not good for our skeletal muscle. So, for relaxing, recliners will serve as healers.


Hopefully, you are amazed to know about various types of recliners and its probable use. This information will help you to suggest your relatives and friends about the perfect reclining chair for themselves. If you are looking for a reclining chair for yourself, I would say, at this point, you are an expert on reclining chairs.


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