The Ultimate Deal On Sprite Shower Filter Review 2019!


Are you looking for the shower filter that is perfect for you? So, what can you do now? Remember, taking a shower is the most important task of your daily life that’s start in the morning. Your mind becomes fresh when you have an excellent shower.  The shower filter can remove the chlorine and another impurity. The Sprite shower filter review, we’ll provide you with vast knowledge on the shower and the water.  You can find that the shower filters can remove up to 8% of chlorine from the shower.

sprite shower filter review

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Why Sprite Shower Filter?

From our analysis, you can buy the Sprite filter with open your eyes. It’s affordable and accessible to operate. Yes, we know that a question is rolling in your head. Why should we choose the filter for you? See the answer below:

    It delivers water that is free from chlorine. This fresh water can relieve you from many different skin diseases.

    You can quickly assemble and operate the filter without the help of any tools.

    It has a filter that is high capacity and useful.

    The shower filter has a reversible cartridge.

shower filter

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 Delivers Chlorine Free Water

Dryness and roughness of the skin are responsible for the chlorine. You can get water that’s are chlorine free from the sprite shower. The carbon technology absorbs the chlorine, bacteria and chemicals. The technology stops the birth of the bacteria and also kills the living bacteria. Therefore you can get a pleasing result after the shower. What will you see in the shower? It’s nothing but clean, fresh and chlorine free bath.

 Unique Filtration System

It has a single filtration system. The shower filter contains a reversible channel cartridge that evacuates harmful substances. It also consolidates simple activity to convey the best execution. The filter highlights protected Chlorgon filtration media expels more chlorine. This can happen at a more extensive temperature goes from low to high temperatures. It accompanies a replaceable cartridge inside the unit. This channel showerhead offers three splash setting. It also includes rub for really extraordinary showering background.

 Great Durable Design

The shower filter contains high-quality lodging with a rich whitish wrap-up. It is simple and supplements your showerhead regardless of the shading topic of your bathroom. The cartridge can serve you for one year. It also can filter 25,000 gallons of water before requiring substitution.

 Easy, fast tool-less installation

Yes, the filter has an easy and quick installation process. The sprite HO2 is solid to withstand water at any temperatures from cold to hot. Finally, it is a decent return for the venture, as it will spare you the cash for the supplanting cartridges. It is simple to introduce, utilise and keep up.


Product Name:  Sprite shower filter

Product Type: Shower

Model  Number: HO2-WH-M

Weight: 2.45 pounds

Dimensions: 8 x 3.2 x 3.2 inches

Filtration system: 3 stages

Color: White

Filter Component: Installation accessories

Contaminant Removal: Chlorine taste and odour

Country of Origin: Singapore

Refinements: High-Pressure Shower Head

Maximum operating temperature:  49°C or 120°F

The lifespan of the filter:  1 year or 25,000 gallons

The flow of water:  2.5 gallons per minute


  • It can easy to operate and assemble. So you need not any tool for the installation of the filter.
  • The shower filter can purify both hair and water.
  •  You can get fresh water from the filter. The fresh water gives you healthy skin.
  •  It has an attractive design.
  •  The filter can develop the water ph level up to 7.0.


  •     Sometimes the pressure of water may reduce.
  •     The durability is low because of its plastic materials.

Customer Review

Well, let’s analyze the customer rate on the shower filter. It will be more helpful if you read the customer review section from the We find 64% of the buyer rated 5-star rating of the product. 13% of the customer rated 4-star. You find the 9% rated 3-star while another 4% also rated 2-star. And 10% of them rated 1-star. So, the maximum customer who purchases the product said that it was good enough. Let’s show what the customer’s said. Jonathon, a customer said that he never use the shower filter. But after setting the filter it was a great experience to himself. He also highly recommend the product. Another customer said that the shower filter removes the problem of dry skin and rashes of herself and her husband.

Compare with others

There is a lot of shower filter on the market. But we are writing on the Sprite HO2 for you. At the same time, we want to show you two another shower filters. Then it will be more helpful to you to understand about the filter.

Culligan ISH-100 Level 2 Inline Shower Filter


  •     The service flow of the filter is 2 GPM.
  •     Pressure range is up to 100 psi.
  •     The temperature range of the operation is up to 120-degree f.

HotelSpa 1126 Universal High-Performance Shower Filter


  •     The temperature of the water is up to 113-degree f.
  •     Maximum capacity of water is 10000 gallons.
  •     The filter can remove minerals, chemicals and metals.

Frequently Asked Question

Question: How much is the weight of this product?

Ans.: It has 2.45 lbs weight.

Question: Does the filter include any batteries?
Ans.: No, it does n’t.
Question: Does it need any battery to operate the shower filter?
Ans.: No, it doesn’t.
Question: How much is this product height?
Ans.: It’s 3.2 inches height.
Question: How long is this product warranty?
Ans.: It has a warranty of one year.
Question: What type of water can it deliver?
Ans.: It can deliver fresh and chlorine free water.

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Final Words

What are you thinking about? If you want to make your skin chlorine free, then don’t feel hesitate to purchase the product. Buy now from Amazon. The process of the installation is simple, and you can set the filter to the shower with yourself. In the Sprite Shower Filter review, you have learned the details on the Sprite filter.

The Ultimate Deal On Sprite Shower Filter Review 2019!
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