Top 10 Tips for Hosting Overnight Guests in a Small Apartment

It is unfortunate to have a small apartment when you have so many friends and guests to entertain during the holiday season. Hosting overnight guests requires hard work and if you stay in a small apartment, things become even more challenging. But, as it is rightly proclaimed that every problem has a solution, you have a solution.

There are several ways to make maximum use of the small space and the best being buying space-saving and multifunctional furniture. Also, a compact room or an apartment design may help to make the maximum use of the space. Accommodating overnight guest in a small apartment is no more a nightmare if you follow this top 10 tips for hosting overnight guests in a small apartment. Let’s get started.

Clear the clutter from the space and clean it thoroughly

The best way to create more space for the overnight guest would be clearing the clutter and getting rid of the mess. Pick up all the shoes and scattered clothes and thoroughly wipe the surface of the floor and vacuum it. Create room for the guests’ luggage and belongings. Rearrange your furniture in a way that no furniture lays in the entryway. Incorporate space saving furniture items and choose vibrant patterns for curtains. Bunk bed transformer is a fabulous space saver which may transform a space into a lounger. Bunk bed transformer gives an altogether different meaning to the ‘sleeper sofa’.

Incorporate good quality air mattress

If there is a lack of pull-out sofa or there is no futon as well in the room or bed, your best choice would be a good quality air mattress. If you look online, you can get the whole list of air mattresses that are ideal for guests’ room. They have different features like an electric pump that may be plugged in for inflating the mattress. Look for features like additional cushions, velvet top so that the sheet does not slide around. Choose an air mattress which has the best comfy features. Consider the height, the mattress size, and the pump type.

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A comfy Murphy bed is an ideal space-saving solution

A comfortable and cozy Queen Size bed is the best way to accommodate your overnight guests. They are the best wall beds that are durable and take away the effort of opening and closing. But, you got to check the hardware. Again, there are hundreds of brands offering Murphy beds with different features and price ranges. Just after using the bed, you may fold that away. When the space in the room or apartment is small, you must look forward to Murphy bed which is functional, stylish and durable. Besides, your overnight guests are just once-in-a-while guests and so a Murphy bed is an ideal option.

Cozy and comfortable blankets and sheets

Comfortable blankets and sheets serve the same purpose as five-star mattresses and cost very less. If it is summer season, choose cotton blankets and sheets. A flannel sheet would be the best option when the mercury level dips down. Use colorful pillows to make the room more vibrant. What matters is the color, the fabric, the pattern and thread of the bed sheets. Look for discount stores to save money on comfy sheets and blankets.

Make the room comfortable with proper arrangements

What matters if your apartment is small? If you plan out things strategically, you can give your guests the best experience.

The living room must be sleep-friendly and comfortable. A good quality mattress can give sound sleep to the guests. Try to lower the temperature of the room and adjust the thermostat. Get rid of extra stuff to create a relaxing zone. Use fresh and clean bed linens. The air mattress must be strategically placed. It will be great if you place that near the light switch so that the guests don’t fumble in darkness. The lamp should be close by as well. Use proper blinds and curtains in the room to block out the rays of the sun. All the machines or appliances must be noise-free so that they enjoy a restful sleep.

Proper closets in the bathroom to store the stuff

Let your guests enjoy a bit of pampering with cozy and comfy bathroom essentials. Mini toiletries must be stored in proper closets in the bathroom. The closet in the bathroom can store towels, bathrobes, slippers and grooming essentials. Using a bathroom closet is the easiest way to save space in the area. Choose the right bathroom closet to create space in the area.  Look for suitable door options.

A foldable screen or room divider for that additional privacy

If yours is a studio apartment, then privacy would be difficult to attain. You may use a foldable room screen to divide the space in the room. Room divider and partition is again a space-saving and money-saving solution. Look for durable, economical and recyclable room divider with hygienic features. It can also add to the decor element.

A bench or chair to store the luggage

Let them have a separate space to store their luggage. Well, there are plenty of ways of doing that. You may place a bench, a chair or even an ottoman to let them rest their luggage bag. Besides, you can also look for the sofa and bed with storage spaces. They are available easily in the market. Let them store their luggage in a space where it is easy to take out the luggage bag.

Space-saving coffee tables

The coffee table is currently a vital furniture piece that is both functional and adds to the decor element. It has now made its way to the living room and is no more boring. Using the coffee table, your guests can enjoy the sip of coffee while they are still on the lounge. At times, you may store knick-knacks on the surface or else store bigger items like pillows underneath. As per the usability, you may buy a coffee table with additional features.

Keep the snacks and drinks on hand

Know the etiquette for hosting overnight guests and keep the drinks and refreshment items on hand. Buy delicious and tasty snacks and make sure to fill the fruit container. Check your refrigerator and buy all the necessary grocery items. Have options in drinks and snacks. Glasses and pitchers must be readily accessible. If the home still feels cramped, you may take your guests outside for meal sessions at times.

Final Words

For a temporary period, you may schedule the pickup of unnecessary items. Ask a packer and mover company to pack not-so-necessary stuff and transport that to another location. Hosting overnight guest won’t be challenging if you make efficient use of the available space. Look for furniture pieces with proper storage space. Smart space planning with right color choices can create a sense of spaciousness. If you are still unsure how to re-design a small space, get in touch with the best interior designer.

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