How To Descale Nespresso Machine With Vinegar!

Is the well-being and upkeep of your Nespresso machine vital to you? Of course, it is! It should be. Never forget this machine brings the delightful morning each day. A lovely rich gold caffeinated bliss is the reason why you stay full of energy whole day.

I am a hard coffee lover! So descaling and cleaning is something I always care about. Limescale might clog your machine and this will invite serious harm. So I’m going to tell you how to descale Nespresso machine with vinegar. I’ll include whatever else you need to know for the process. Let’s starts!

how to Descale Nespresso Machine

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Making a Vinegar Solution

If you wish to be extra sure about your machine’s care then making own cleaning solution will be the best. There are so many methods for cleaning and each of them will need a descaling liquid. It’s important to maintain a ratio of 50/50. Using vinegar is the most popular and prominent option.

Get vinegar of one portion and mix it with similar ratio water. Let it sit for five minutes and mix completely. Use warm water for better results. Make a huge amount for the Nespresso. You don’t want any shortage later.

Before Descaling your Nespresso (Prep Up)

Get the descaling kit and let’s jump into prep up process right after. First, you need to prepare the machine. The process might be a bit different for various models of machine. So it would be a good thing to read manual beforehand and be extra cautious.

Eliminate any additional capsules from the machine. Make sure the capsule container is completely empty.

Now get a proper amount of fresh water. Put it into the water container and mix it with a descaling solution. Here we will use the vinegar solution. You will find out from the manual what amount of mixture this machine needs. Also, you would be able to find out the information from their official Nespresso website.

Now you need to put a container under the coffee outlet. Make sure it holds up to a liter of water. Simply turn on the machine next.

The Main Process

Step 1

Now to begin with descaling you would have to push one or more buttons. This depends on the model you own for Nespresso. For a VertuoLine, holding one button will do the job. Press it for seven seconds. On the other hand, for Citiz, Inissia or Pixie you would have to press two flashing buttons. Make sure to press for three seconds. Also, they need to be pressed at the same time. Now if your machine is Prodigio then pressing for three seconds all three buttons will be the option.

Step 2

Now the main process will begin. It would take less than ten minutes. There are some machines that will require refilling of water. You would have to place this solution again afterward and repeat the whole process.

Step 3

Once the running cycle is over you need to rinse water container. Just pour fresh water into the container. Rerun the cycle once again and wait for another ten minutes. This time you do not need to put any vinegar solution.

Step 4

Now eliminate anything remaining on the drip tray. Simply rinse it afterward.

Step 5

Finally to leave the descaling mode pressing similar buttons you used at starting. Before using the Nespresso machine let it dry for at least ten minutes.


Descaling your machine with white vinegar is okay. It’s a great idea no doubt. But remember you should do it within a limit. The vinegar is an acetic acid ingredient. If you keep on using it too many times without much gap then this might seriously harm the Nespresso.

It can harm the pipes. Also, there will be damage to internal mechanism as well as leaks. So it’s suggested to descale with vinegar after a certain interval of time. Once in every two months will be safe for most machines.

Why Is It Important?

Knowing how to descale Nespresso Inissia is really important for so many reasons. If you want to have the longest possible service out then descaling is answer. My colleague will always say limescale is the worst enemy of a Nespresso machine. This goes the same for capsule machines also.

Limescale tends to appear because of the water we use for coffee. It is something that will always stay within the tap water. Once the water is heated this element separates. Next it despots a form inside your machines pipe. It keeps on building up and sooner or later the extraction pressure will begin to reduce. This is the reason for premature wear on pipes usually.

Also, another element calcium will build up in the interior of the Nespresso machine. This will make system slow and snatch away the good taste. So it’s very vital you do regular descale every two to three months. It depends merely on the hardness of your water.

Many think that the descaling process will need dismantling also. It’s not true at all. The process is only to keep running smooth and give a fluffy coffee every time. So if you want to take care of both performance and taste, think about descaling the whole machine.

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So now you know why and how to descale Nespresso machine. Keep the small notes for caution in mind. Give your machine a good clean up every week. And never make an excuse to leave the machine dirty. Your machine will serve for years providing rich fragrant coffee every single day. Happy Caffeine!

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