How To Clean Wooden and Leather Furniture at Home!

The furniture we have at home needs constant cleaning. Maintaining the furniture you have at home may not always be easy, but with these cleaning tricks, you will simplify the way you clean.

You do not need to spend a lot of money to buy cleanser for your favorite desk, dining table, sofa or other furniture. Do it with the ingredients that you have at home to keep the furniture in good condition.

In this article, you will learn how to clean furniture at home to keep it shiny and in excellent condition. The wooden and leather furniture is popular for all. Here, we discussed both of their cleaning tricks separately.

How To Clean Wooden and Leather Furniture at Home

How to clean wooden furniture: 5 Tips

Wood is a perfect noble material to decorate our home but, at the same time, it is very delicate. In fact, heat, humidity or water can make this piece of furniture dirty or stained and that this stain is difficult to remove.

But there are some tips to take care of wooden furniture that can help you learn how to give the necessary care to this area of your home. Here we give you the most important cleaning tricks.

No ammonia to clean wood

If you want to make your wooden furniture last longer, it is important to avoid buying products that contain ammonia to do household chores. And you have to be very careful with this topic because most of the products on the market have this component. This is the best way to clean the house without chemicals.

What does ammonia do? Basically, it removes the shine of the wood since it contains abrasive elements that damage the material. The result will be a lifeless and faded furniture that will look old before its time.

Cleans furniture dust daily

To take care of wood furniture correctly, it is best to remove the dust accumulated in these objects every day. And, if you do not have time to do it daily, at least try to clean it 3 or 4 times a week. The reason is that dust spots can damage the material, causing scratches to appear or dirt to accumulate.

To clean the dust it will be enough to use wipes to clean wood and rub the surface. It will only take 2 minutes and the result will be really striking, in addition to getting your furniture in perfect condition.

Wax wood furniture every week

Another trick for the furniture to be in perfect condition is that, once a week, the rubs with special wax (you can find these products in your usual supermarket). The wax should always be removed after the dust has been removed and once the table or furniture in question is completely dry.

Protects furniture from changes in climate or temperature

Neither the sun, nor the air, nor the water nor the light fit your wooden furniture. Therefore, the best thing is that, if you have this furniture on the outside, protect it with a cloth that covers the maximum amount of material. Nor should you expose them to air conditioning because it may rot their composition and cause the wood to expand.

In the event that you have bought wooden furniture for the exterior, it is recommended that the first day the varnishes with special products that protect the wood outdoors. It is the best way to make your furniture last longer.

Beware of hot dishes on furniture

You should also be careful not to support frying pans, pots or very hot dishes on wooden furniture. Keep in mind that these are usually finished with wax or protective varnishes and, therefore, with heat, this protective layer can weaken and cause the wood to boil. The best in these cases is that you place tablecloths or trays to avoid direct contact of heat with the material.

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How to Clean Leather Furniture:

Steps to follow:

Step: 1

At any specialized store, they can advise you on products with which to keep your leather armchair clean. Aerosols and foams are usually the most recommended, this method is easy to use and with favorable results guaranteed.

Step: 2

A cloth dipped in beer is a very advisable homemade solution to keep your leather armchair clean. The beer will not damage your skin and will also kill all possible spots that have accumulated on its surface.

Step: 3

The whipped egg white is another remedy that helps your leather sofa stay clean. Apply on the stained surface and let it act only for a few minutes. Next, remove with a damp cloth dipped in warm water and let dry.

Step: 4

Milk can also be used to improve the look of your armchair’s leather. A dry cloth soaked in milk at room temperature will reinforce the appearance and make it possible to remove stains from its surface.

Step: 5

A mixture of water, flaxseed, and vinegar can cause wonderful effects. The result is a smooth, smooth and clean appearance for your leather armchair with this natural mixture that will end with all the stains. An easy solution to make and that in a matter of minutes you will have available. Do not apply it for more than a couple of minutes, since vinegar can damage the skin of your sofa.

Step: 6

Before applying any of these products, always consult a professional since there are many different skins and the color of your sofa also influences. In this way, you will avoid catastrophic effects and you will obtain great results.

Basic Care and Recommendations

Every two weeks we will clean sofas and leather or leather armchairs. It is important not to use anything aggressive, that can damage or scratch them. For this reason, you never rub the leather. Pass a cloth moistened with water, it will be enough to remove the dust layer. You can also do this every two days, depending on the dust that enters your house or if you have pets.

In addition to this, twice a year (every 6 months) we will do a deeper cleaning of the skin or leather. To do this, in the market you can find many products that are not aggressive and go very well. But one trick is to use body gel, simply with this, we will do a great cleaning. The gel will help in cleaning, then wipe with a cloth moistened with water (never with excess) and remove the soap residue.

After this operation, we hydrated the furniture. To do so use body cream, one that is not strong. With this, we will pamper the piece of leather, hydrate it and it will not open with the passage of time. These would be the basic care so that the sofa remains as the first day or better yet.

I hope you enjoyed the article. Feel free to ask any question about any types of furniture cleaning purposes.

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