Bocchi Sink Reviews in 2022 – Brand and Products Analysis

Bocchi Sink Reviews

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Are you looking for a fireclay sink? Why don’t you browse some of the options from Bocchi because it’s the brand with multiple dream fireclay fixtures to suit your kitchen in all aspects. The European company uses years of expertise and designing sense to give you the best with every kitchen sink they manufacture. To bring some sensible trends in the market, the brand even hired Italian designers. 

Above are the reason why we choose to present you with some Bocchi sink reviews. Whether you want a seamless connection with the countertop or a star that can be the focal point in your house, you can try any one of the options given below.

Not have enough time to read the complete reviews. Check the top two recommendations

Best Overall

BOCCHI Classico Farmhouse Apron Front Fireclay 30 in. Single Bowl Kitchen Sink with Protective...

BOCCHI Classico Apron Fireclay 30 in Kitchen Sink

Durable, stylish, and spacious, this Classico 30-inch sink has all the features that you need for a medium to the large-sized kitchen. Available in multiple colors, the sink suits any of the kitchen designs. All thanks to its non-porous construction, the fixture is stain and scratch-resistant. 

Best Value

BOCCHI 1137-001-0120 Classico Apron Front Fireclay 24 in. Single Bowl Kitchen Sink with Protective...

BOCCHI Classico Apron Front 24 in. Kitchen Sink - 1137-001-0120

If you own a small kitchen or living with a small family, then you can try the 24-inch Classico series sink. Its design is excellent and has a non-porous surface that’s stain resistant. Moreover, the fixture comes with a bottom grid, which is very helpful to protect its base and promote fast water drainage.

1. BOCCHI Classico Apron Fireclay 30 in Kitchen Sink - 1138-001-0120

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Made of 100 percent natural fireclay, the Classico Apron style sink has unbeatable strength and timeless elegance. Due to its 8.5 inches of depth, the fixture gives you enough space to fill medium to large-sized pots and rinse large containers. Around 19 times smooth than ceramic materials, the Bocchi sink offers unparalleled hygiene and repels impurities as it hates them. It’s built with Super Smooth Technology, which means this Classico product is stain-resistant and easy to clean

What do we like?

Classico sink has a Super Smooth Surface that keeps it shiny and looking like new, even after years of usage. It also has Clean+ technology that prevents stains, lime remains, calcium deposit and other spots. Moreover, the sink is also safe from food and drink stains due to its non-porous surface. All thanks to such features, you can easily clean the sink with water and a mild dishwasher. 

Bocchi makes Classico series sink at 2000F, so it’s resistant to hot pans or pots. Fireclay is naturally impact-resistant and hence durable because none of the heavy objects in your kitchen can make a dent on its surface. 

What could be better?

The sink installs and works great, but it lacks slope at the bottom. It’s the reason sometime you will find that the food particles are not going easily towards its drain. So, the sink drainage might ask you to wait for some time after you wash some of the dishes.

Our verdict:  If you need an elegant farmhouse sink that can offer ample space for preparation and other activities, then you can take a closer at the Classico series fixture here. Available with a limited lifetime warranty, it also includes the strainer and bottom grid.

2. BOCCHI Sotto Undermount 32 in Kitchen Sink - 1362-001-0120

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If you want to invest in an ultimate kitchen sink that can last for a lifetime, then try our second recommendation that’s also made of 100 percent fireclay. Sotto under-mount 32-inch sink is manufactured at 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, so it can easily withstand the pan and pots with high temperatures. Moreover, It’s a recyclable item that never contributes to landfills.

On top of the fireclay surface, this single bowl sink has a special glaze coating that keeps it safe from scratches, and stains. With a protective bottom grid and strainer included, Bocchi tries to match your requirements and keeps the sink functional for multiple purposes. 

What do we like?

Bocchi Sotto is made of natural elements, hence its food safe and risk-free to use for all your family members. It has a super smooth surface that never allows germs and other impurities to settle or accumulate. The sink is dent-proof, so none of the heavy pots or containers can spoil its appearance. Moreover, it’s resistant to food and drink marks. Also, this fixture has a Clean Plus+ technology that keeps it new and shiny. 

What could be better?

Sotto under mount sink is heavy at 59.3 pounds, which might make the installation difficult without external help. So, make sure you contact a professional that can install this farmhouse style sink in your kitchen. If you are an expert, then we recommend you call one of your friends or family members for help.

Our verdict: Bocchi Sotto is a great kitchen fixture for medium to large families. Its length and depth of 10 inches’ works great under high volumes.

3. BOCCHI Classico Apron Front 24 in. Kitchen Sink - 1137-001-0120

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The apron front 24-inch kitchen sink comes from the Classico series. It includes a bottom grid as well as a strainer to make things easy for you. Due to an organic fireclay construction, the sink is durable and also has a limited lifetime warranty. Its surface is smooth and 100 percent non-porous, which means the sink remains unaffected by the spots or stains.

As we stated earlier, all the Bocchi fireclay sinks are manufactured at a temperature of 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s the primary reason why the Classico 24-inch sink is resistant to heated pots and liquids. Moreover, it’s resistant to discoloration, chip and scratches. 

What do we like?

After years of research and development, Bocchi developed Super Smooth technology to reduce calcium deposits and other stains. The Classico kitchen sink integrates the same feature that keeps it shiny and free from unwanted marks. Moreover, the fixture is food safe and also resistant to liquid spills. 

The 24-inch apron style fixture has unmatched strength that keeps it safe from cracks. Its length is suitable for a small or medium-sized family. However, the depth is sufficient to accommodate all the dishes and significant containers. 

What could be better?

The kitchen is available as off while, but the description says it’s color is white. If want to match this fixture with the kitchen, then you should keep this in mind that it might not look great with white cabinets. 

Our verdict: The Bocchi Classico 24-inch apron sink is perfect for compact kitchens and also works great as a secondary fixture in a large cooking area.

4. BOCCHI Contempo Apron Front 27 in. Kitchen Sink - 1356-001-0120

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Do you know Fireclay is one of the toughest materials that you can use in the kitchen? It’s the reason why Bocchi choose to present you another 27-inch variant made of the same natural ingredient. This Contempo apron front fixture is resistant to heat and scratches.

This Bocch sink has a non-porous surface that makes it stain resistant. So, you do not have to worry about the food and drink marks that are common on kitchen components, especially sink. The fixture includes a bottom grid as well as a strainer so that it can match and perform in multiple applications.

What do we like?

Durable build and timeless elegance are the two factors that bring this Contempo sink to our list. It follows an apron style installation, but the fixture is finished at all the four sides and is reversible. In other words, you can install the sink with any of its side facing the front. 

No matter how you install this sturdy fixture, it remains away from discoloration, chips, and cracking. Means, none of the heavy items in your kitchen can harm the Contempo single bowl sink. 

What could be better?

The Bocchi kitchen fixture is one of the heaviest when we talk about fireclays sinks. The installation is a little tricky and it needs two individuals for convenient configuration. Its recommended that you contact a professional. Even if you are an expert, call one of your friends for help.

Our verdict: Great for medium-sized kitchens or restaurants, the Contempo sink might be your preference if you need a sink that can remain true to the required functions. It matches your kitchen with its elegant design and remains in its top shape due to its robust built.

5. BOCCHI Contempo Apron Front Step Rim 30 in Kitchen - 1344-001-0120

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The Contempo series 30-inch sink includes a wooden cutting board and basket strainer. It makes the preparation easy because you can conveniently wash and cut the vegetable, fruits or meat on the cutting board. Once you remove its wooden board, the sink gives ample space to accommodate all your dishes and containers. 

Fireclay has a stylish appearance and it’s also a durable material. Built with 100 percent Fireclay, the Contempo single bowl sink is food safe. None of the liquid spills or leftovers can leave any mark on its surface. Excessive temperature is not a problem as well. So, you can pour boiling water into the sink or place any heated pot on its surface without worrying about any damage.

What do we like?

The apron style sink has a special glaze coating integrated with its built material. Such a coat makes it non-porous, super smooth and hence resistant from scratches. The fixture includes a bottom grid that protects it from external damage. This grid allows fast drainage so that you can keep using the sink again and again without any downtime. You can also use it a drying rack. 

Contempo sink has a bright white finish that mixes well with the internal design of your kitchen. All thanks to Clean+ technology, the fixture maintains its shine for a long time and impresses you with its new-like apperance.

What could be better?

The 30-inch single bowl sink is comparatively expensive. It includes some freebies, but still, the price tag is only reasonable if you like to spend time in the kitchen. Apart from that, it’s heavy at 110 pounds. So, we will recommend two things. Contact a professional or if you want to do it yourself. Call one or maybe two friends and let them know in advance about the purpose.

Our verdict: If you want a sink that can remain defect and damage-free all its life, then you can gladly accept the Contempo sink. The included accessories make it a workstation that assists you with a lot of preparation steps.

6. BOCCHI Contempo Apron Front 36 in. Kitchen Sink - 1354-001-0120

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The Contempo 36-inch sink is suitable for large kitchens. Made of organic fireclay, it’s a durable and stylish fixture that comes with a strainer and protective grid. The sink has a super smooth surface that’s resistant to stains and unwanted marks. 

Contempo apron front sink is chip resistant and none of the sharp objects can scratch its surface. Due to the durability of Fireclay, the fixture is crack-proof and never discolors to spoil the appearance. 

What do we like?

The biscuit color of this apron front fixture suits well with all the kitchen styles. It brings elegance to your cooking area and becomes a point of attention soon after installation. This fixture is available in six more colors. So, you can choose one of them depending upon your preferences. 

Bocchi Contempo sink has a depth of 10 c, which is more than enough for large dishes, containers, and pots. Due to such space, you never face any difficulty during preparation tasks. 

What could be better?

This is a very heavy sink and hence it needs two individuals for installation. So, we recommend you contact a professional that can come with a helper to finish the setup. If you know how to deal with such kitchen fixtures, then you can simply call one of your friends or family members for some help. Apart from that, the fixture is very expensive.

Our verdict: It’s a brilliantly designed sink that works best for large kitchens. The fixture could be suitable if you want a durable and easy to clean sink.

7. BOCCHI Classico Apron Front 20 in. Kitchen Sink- 1136-001-0120

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If Bocchi can arrange a sink fashion show, the Classico single bowl under-mount sink could easily appear as a showstopper. Its glossy compact white finish is charming, but this is the only color available. This kitchen fixture includes a strainer as well bottom grid that makes it a perfect companion in most of your preparation activities. 

Classico under mount sink has an organic fireclay construction that’s robust and has a lifetime limited warranty. Its surface is super smooth and provides unmatched resistance from scratches and stains alike. 

What do we like?

Build of fireclay, the fixture is resistant to cracks. Its food safe and none of the wines can spoil its appearance. Moreover, the sink is safe from hot water or heated objects. Apart from being extra smooth, the sink has Clean + technology that maintains its shine and also facilitates easy cleaning. So, you don’t have to apply any of the harsh cleaners on its surface. Only water and mild dishwashing liquid are sufficient. 

What could be better?

The 20-inch long sink has a depth of 10 inches, which means it might fall short of space if the volume is high. So, the fixture is only suitable for small preparation areas. It might feel repetitive with all the Bocchi sinks, but this one is also heavy. So, you should seek professionals or get some help from your friends.

Our verdict:  The fixture from the Classico series is a handsome addition to your kitchen. Its stylish, durable and is suitable for small kitchens.  

Overview of Bocchi Sink Brand

Established in 1950, Bocchi is one of the leading manufacturers for kitchen products including fireclay sinks, faucets, and several other accessories. The brand is raising the industry standards from the last 70 years and has never changed its attitude to explore new designs and innovations at every level. The company is not only concerned about its clients, but also the environment. It’s the reason why it uses fireclay as the primary manufacturing materials for sinks. 

Headquartered in Italy, the European manufacturers give you a wide range of sinks for your kitchen. It one of the few brands that offer sinks in multiple colors, including glossy and matte black.

Benefits of using Bocchi sink

  • Range of sizes:
    Bocchi sinks are available in multiple sizes. The brand offers tiny fixtures worth 20 inches and also produces massive sinks with a length of 36 inches. So, you will not find any trouble choosing one of the suitable sizes according to your kitchen.
  • Exact measurements:
    You might be amazed to know this but some of the fireclay sinks might have variable sizes due to the firing process. However, the case is different with Bocchi sinks. They are available with the exact measurements, which makes it easy for you to match the dimensions and install accordingly.
  • Multiple installation options:
    Whether you need a farmhouse style sink for a conventional appearance or an under-mount fixture for a seamless addition to the countertop, Bocchi got you covered. You can choose any of the available installation styles according to the décor and personal preferences.
  • Choice of colors:
    Are you interested in a different color other than white? You can try a sapphire blue, matte black, or brown because these are available with every other Bocchi sink. So, you can add a designer fixture in your kitchen that also in the color of your choice. 

How good are Bocchi's sink?

Bocchi sinks are durable. The manufacturing process involves temperatures up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. Hence, the resulting products are non-porous and highly resistant to chips, scratches, and dents; even after regular usage. It’s the primary reason why they are good for homeowners looking for a long-lasting and low maintenance kitchen fixtures. Moreover, the brand offers a limited lifetime warranty to give you incredible mental peace. 

All the Bocchi sinks are equipped with Clean Plus+ technology that makes sure that they remain shiny for a long time. Due to the non-porous surface, these fixtures are easy to maintain. Above all, Bocchi kitchen sinks are antimicrobial and hygienic to maintain the safety level of your family.

Should you buy Bocchi sink?

If you need a durable and functional kitchen sink that’s also easy to maintain, then you can invest in one of the Bocchi sinks. You dot have to spend much time in its maintenance because of the surface non-porous and hence easy to clean. These sinks are scratch, stain, and dent-proof. The only case wherein you might not agree with Bocchi sinks is when you need a drop-in or top-mount fixture. Otherwise, there is no other downside that can give you second thoughts.

Alternatives to Bocchi

Rohl: Established in 1983, Rohl offers a wide range of Fireclay and steel/copper kitchen sinks that you can try.

Blanco: One of the oldest manufacturers of multiple kitchen products, Blanco is another brand you can trust when it comes to fireclay sinks. 

Whitehaus Collections: Reputable to produce some of the best fireclay sinks, the brand has a wide range of options including single and double bowls.

FAQS about Bocchi sink

Where are Bocchi sinks made?

Bocchi sinks are manufactured in Turkey. 

How Bocchi fireclay sinks are manufactured?

The company follows a high-pressure casting mechanism, wherein fireclay is fired at temperatures around 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. Bocchi uses 100 percent natural and organic fireclay to produce the sinks. Due to the pure nature and high quality built process, resulting products are highly resilient and non-porous. 


Consider Bocchi sinks as a complete package when it comes to functionality and features. The brand’s fixtures are expertly crafted using natural fireclay, so safety is in their nature. There are plenty of choices for size as well as color and all the options come with a lifetime limited warranty. If you want to minimize countertop clutter using an under-mount or farmhouse sinks that are durable and stylish, then try one of the Bocchi sinks. 

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