Blackstone Griddle Top Replacement- How To Do It Effectively

Thank you for purchasing a Blackstone griddle.

You’re enjoying the delicious Blackstone griddle recipes. Great!

But the shining beauty of your griddle top may get rusty. Blackstone griddle top construction features cold rolled steel. However, like other steels Blackstone griddle top tends to rust. Especially if you live by the sea or somewhere with high humidity, the shining, glorious beauty of your griddle top may become rusty, and you need to clean or replace it.

In fact, you’ll need to be extra vigilant to protect your griddle surface from the element.

Blackstone Griddle Top Replacement

Don’t worry!

Fortunately Blackstone griddle top is very easy to clean. By following a few steps, you should be able to prevent the most corrosion.  Even the rustiest top is possible to get back to the life of delicious cooking again.

But is it possible?

Trust me; it’s not impossible and not all that hard. All you need is a few tools and your effort.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in our step by step process of Blackstone Griddle Top Replacement.

How to Replace Blackstone Griddle Top- Step-By-Step

Here are the simple steps to recover a griddle top even with heavy corrosion.

Step 1: Arrange the following materials and tool to get the job done.

  • Safety glass
  • Heat-resistant gloves
  • Grill stones
  • Paper towels
  • Metal scraper (1)
  • Oil (any cooking oil will do)

Step 2: Put on the PPE

Before the start, don’t forget to put on the safety glasses and heat-resistant gloves.

Step 3: Turn your grill on

Keep the high heat for about 20 minutes. It’ll loosen the debris and rust and make it easier to remove.

Step 4: After 2 minutes turn the griddle off

Let it cool down.

Step 5: Scrape the griddle top

By using a metal scraper scrape as much corrosion off as you can.

Instead of a metal scraper, you can also use a metal spatula. Don’t use any water at this step, do it dry.

Water is one of the elements for causing rust. So, using water at this step will be counterproductive.

There are many ways that you can strip off the old seasoning. To make this step more hassle-free you can also use an orbital sander instead of metal scraper or metal spatula.

Obviously, you’ll need many sanding discs. Be sure to make most of your sanding disc switching from sanding at an angle to sand flatly. This step may take more than an hour to sand off the old seasoning.

At the end of this stage, you’re left with a smooth, clean surface.

Step 6: Oil the surface to scrub the griddle

If you want to use flaxseed oil, you’re welcome. There is nothing wrong with that. However, if you can’t find flaxseed oil, you can use any cooking oil.

Canola oil or extra virgin olive oil will do the trick correctly. Spread the oil around the griddle surface. Use paper towels to wipe the surface. Apply more oil and wipe the surface down again and again. Do this until all of the debris and rust is gone. If you missed any spots just go back over them with oil and the grill stone.

Step 7: Blackstone griddle seasoning

Once your griddle top is clean it’s time to season it. Seasoning your griddle top will give it a natural protective coating to help prevent corrosion. It’ll also give you a nice stick-resistant surface to cook on.

Turn your griddle on to medium-high heat. You’ll see the oil start to smoke and the surface of your griddle will start to discolor as the oil is bonding to the metal surface.

Keep your griddle on medium-high heat until the oil stop smoking and your griddle surface starts to turn matte gray for the sake of time. It’ll typically take about 3 minutes. Turn your griddle off. Let it cool down.

Repeat this step for about three or four times until you have a fairly even matte black griddle top. After this initial seasoning simply cooking on your Blackstone grill griddle will add to the seasoning layer.

Let your griddle cool.

Final step: Add a protective layer of cooking oil to your griddle in between uses.

Once you’ve seasoned your griddle, you want to store it with a protective layer of oil to create a barrier from air and moisture.  You can use whatever cooking oil you’d like for this step and wipe layer in between uses. Don’t forget to wipe down all the sides of the griddle top to make sure you do this every time you use your griddle.

Keep the griddle top oiled before and after you’ve cooked a few Blackstone griddle recipes – may be a stir fry dish,  a bunch of burger with sautéed onions and mushroom- this griddle top will start to blacken and be beautifully seasoned completely.

So, no more RUST.

Now you can make delicious meals on the black, shiny griddle top.

Tips and Tricks

Here are some tricks to protect your griddle from rust.

  • Keep your griddle stored in somewhere cool and dry when not in use.
  • Don’t forget to cover the unit while not in use. You can use Blackstone dual layer heavy-duty canvas cover to protect your griddle from moisture, wear and tear.
  • Each time you’ve finished cooking, wipe the griddle top with 3 to 4 tablespoons of cooking oil.
  • If you don’t need to use the griddle frequently, inspect the unit at least once a month to make sure it’s not starting to get rust.


The griddle top seasoning is an ever-changing surface. The more you cook on it, the more seasoning you’re going to have.

Sounds easy enough, doesn’t it?

Hope, this article on Blackstone griddle top replacement has helped you a lot.

So, are you ready for the next grill season?

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