10 Best Professional Gas Ranges for the Home in 2019 [Expert’s Pick]

Professional Gas Ranges Home Use

Let’s be honest, professional level gas ranges can be extremely expensive for the average consumer. However, for those who are after a certain style and pedigree in the kitchen, nothing beats the level of convenience and performance that a decent gas range can bring. Obviously, if you are spending upwards of $1,500 on a single unit, the last thing you want is a low-quality product that does not perform. We scoured the internet for the best professional gas ranges, highlighting their top features and here is what we found.

Best Professional Gas Ranges Review

In a hurry? Choose your best Professional Gas Ranges from this quick buying decision list:

1. Thor 30″ Professional Style Stainless Steel Gas Range Oven

Thor 30

The Thor 30” Professional Style Gas Range offers a huge opportunity for those looking to upgrade from their standard gas range.  This unit comes with 5 burners that go from a double ring burner that produces 18,000 BTUs to a low simmer burner that is capable of 500 BTUs.


Other features include a sizeable cooktop that comes with enough griddle pan space for even cooking. It even has a three-layer glass window on its oven that performs just as well. Additionally, the Thor Professional Style Gas Range gives you a 4.55 cubic feet oven space that is enough to cook for a group of 4 people. The oven also features a convection fan and continuous grating that facilitates even cooking even with large cookware. The unit also features a sealed burner design that makes it easy to clean and easy-to-use control knobs that are made of ABS plastic.


In terms of performance, the Thor Professional Style Gas Range stands out, thanks to its quality design and pleasing aesthetics. The knobs are long-lasting and they give you a decent level of control over the burners.

This here is a powerful professional gas range that is capable of high heat output as much as 18,000 BTUs as well as low range output at 500 BTUs. Basically, you can perform a wide range of cooking tasks thanks to the wide variety of cooking levels. To cap it all off, it features a high-quality self-cleaning design that is mostly found in high-end pricier units.

  • Pleasing aesthetics.
  • Durable build quality.
  • Powerful burners.
  • Installation requires a professional.


2. Cosmo COS-F965NF Commercial-Style 36 in. 3.8 Cubic Feet Single Dual Fuel Range

Cosmo COS-F965NF Commercial-Style 36 in. 3.8 cu. ft. Single Dual Fuel Range with with 5 Burners and 8 Function Convection Oven, Cast Iron Grates|Stainless Steel

Ask any professional chef and they will tell you that Cosmo is one of the leading brands when it comes to making high-quality gas ranges. Although slightly pricey, their Cosmo COS-F965NF Commercial-Style Single Dual Fuel Range is one of the best out there for fast and even cooking.


The Cosmo COS-F965NF Commercial-Style Single Dual Fuel Range comes with a sophisticated, stainless steel premium build quality, it features 5 burners that are made of brushed stainless steel to give you a durable and modern-looking gas range. The unit comes with a 3.8 cubic feet electric oven with Turbo True Convection.

That way, you can easily get rid of all cold spots in your oven, thus achieving even cooking. You also get a decent level of control over the airflow as well as the heat in the oven thanks to the ergonomically designed stainless steel knobs. No matter your cooking needs, the Cosmo COS-F965NF Commercial-Style Single Dual Fuel Range features a variety of burners that offer powerful cooking at different levels. The burners range from a heat capacity of 18,000 BTUs to 5000 BTUs for adequate range.


The Cosmo COS-F965NF does a great job when it comes to heat dissipation. With the cavity cooling ventilation system, you can rest easy if you have any safety concerns in the kitchen since the unit dissipates heat appropriately while maintaining even airflow in the oven. Furthermore, the overall stainless steel build quality guarantees the durability of the Cosmo COS-F965NF over time. You also get a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty on parts and labor which is great.

Other additional functions include extra storage drawers for your utensils.

  • Versatile functionality.
  • Budget-friendly pick.
  • Installation is not difficult.
  • Durable build quality.
  • Offers easy control and monitoring with a clock and timer.
  • Requires minimal maintenance.
  • Manual instructions could be better.


3. 30″ Thor Kitchen Free Standing 4 Burner Gas Range

Thor Kitchen HRG3080GMT 30

At this point, it’s quite clear that Thor is a leading manufacturer of high-quality gas ranges. This 30-inch gas range is proof of this claim, it offers a convection oven that performs well for those who are looking to bake pastries.


This unit comes with an LP conversion kit which can come in handy when looking to switch from natural gas to propane. At its price range, you get a decent level of cooking power. It can produce as much as 15,000 BTUs for fast and powerful cooking and as low as 650 BTUs for low simmering. It comes with sealed gas burners that are not only easy to clean but also made of heavy-duty cast iron for durability. With a 4.2 cubic feet oven, you get ample room for the convection fan to supply even heating of your food.  The oven uses an electronic igniter; however, you can also use a match to light it up.


Apart from the easy cleaning that it offers, the Thor Kitchen Free-Standing Gas Range features pleasing aesthetics as well. It comes with halogen lights inside the oven for easy monitoring. It also gives you the convenience of space, especially when you remove the center grate, you can easily get some extra space for utensils by doing this alone.

The oven is designed to provide ample space and adequate heating capacity for any type of broiling and baking. However, this unit has no self-cleaning feature and it lacks a pre-heating notification. To be honest, this is a small price to pay considering its price range.

  • Powerful burners for efficient cooking.
  • Sizeable convection oven.
  • Inexpensive pricing.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Setup and installation are straightforward.
  • Does not include a self-cleaning feature.
  • It lacks digital sensors for pre-heating notification.


4. Thor Kitchen LRG3001U Stainless Steel Gas Range Oven

Thor Kitchen 30

If you are looking for a gas range that keeps it simple with a classic look instead of the latest complex and sophisticated designs, the Thor Kitchen LRG3001U Stainless Steel Gas Range Oven can make a perfect fit. It comes with an old-school look that still uses the best modern technology to give you the performance you require for your modern kitchen.


Right off the bat, the Thor Kitchen LRG3001U Stainless Steel Gas Range Oven boasts of high efficiency with a 4.2 cubic feet capacity that is enough for a variety of cooking needs. Although it has an old school stainless steel build quality, it rocks a trendy powder-coated top instead of the stainless steel top, a decent upgrade for boosting durability. It comes with simple controls that are quite easy to use even if you are not familiar with professional-grade gas ranges. What’s more, you get precise control over the five burners and they are designed to produce heat at different levels.


In terms of performance, the Thor Kitchen LRG3001U Stainless Steel Gas Range Oven does a great job at even heat circulation in the oven. It comes with convection for speedy and efficient baking. Although the unit does not come with fancy computerized control units, it features halogen lights that make it easy to monitor the progress of your food inside the oven.  Basically, if you are searching for a gas range with burners ready to roast like a thousand suns, the Thor Kitchen LRG3001U Stainless Steel Gas Range Oven is one unit you must look at.

  • Affordable pricing.
  • Versatile functionality.
  • Reliable cooking capacity.
  • Easy to clean and use.
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty.
  • Ignition could be better.
  • It does not come with a gas line adapter.


5. Cosmo DFR304 Free-standing Dual Fuel Range
Cosmo DFR304 30 in Slide-In Free-standing Dual Fuel Range | Pro-Style 4 Sealed Burner Gas Rangetop , 3.9 cu. ft. Electric Convection Oven and Stove Cast Iron Grate Wok Attachment - Stainless Steel

With the Cosmo DFR304 Free-Standing Dual Fuel Range, you can turn cooking into a passion with chef-inspired meals right at home. This unit comes with a double insulated glass window on its oven door that does not get hot. This a decent feature for safety and long-term durability.


Apart from its premium quality oven door, the Cosmo DFR304 Free-Standing Dual Fuel Range also features the standard 3-prong plug that connects to a 3.9 cubic feet electric oven with turbo true European convection. This means that the unit can provide fast and even cooking with powerful heating elements that provide a combined 7550 Watts of cooking power. Add that to the 18,000 BTUs that the burners provide and you have a gas range that can handle any kind of browning task.


Even when it comes to preparing delicate meals, the Cosmo DFR304 Free-Standing Dual Fuel Range offers a low simmer capacity as well. It comes with an electronic ignition system that makes it pretty easy to use, especially when you need to prepare a meal within a short time. The oven comes with 4 functional controls not to mention a Turbo True European Convection that is ideal for even and fast cooking.

Cleaning this unit is easy, thanks to the removable oven floor. To top it all off, you get a 2-year warranty plus an ETL safety certification.

  • Durable stainless steel build quality.
  • Ideal for high heat boiling as well as low simmering.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Reliable performance at an affordable price.
  • Pleasing aesthetics.
  • It does not have a timer.
  • Requires a dedicated circuit breaker.


6. Frigidaire FFGH3054US 30-Inch Freestanding Gas Range

Frigidaire FFGH3054US 30 Inch Freestanding Gas Range with 5 Burners, Sealed Cooktop, 5 cu. ft. Primary Oven Capacity, in Stainless Steel

The Frigidaire FFGH3054US checks the boxes of even the most discerning master chef. It comes with a stylish and modern look with five burners that deliver a decent range for various cooking needs. What’s more, most users reported that its smallest burners go quite low, which is perfect for low simmering delicate meals.


If you are looking for an oven that will deliver consistent performance for baking cookies and cakes, the Frigidaire FFGH3054US offers a decent pick.  The continuous grates make it easy to move pans across the cooktop. The oven preheats quite fast, and even though it does not come with a convection feature, it boasts of a decent capacity at 5 cubic feet. The unit also features a self-cleaning design that makes it easy to maintain. You also get fast heating that is capable of boiling about six cups of water in less than 5 minutes.  The unit comes with a digital timer that is easily visible and convenient since it’s located at the front face of the range. There is also plenty of storage space for your pots and pans.


The Frigidaire FFGH3054US doesn’t come with convection technology; however, it offers a 30-inch wide range that is good enough at its price range. The unit also looks beautiful and comes with a digital timer that works well. Basically, the Frigidaire FFGH3054US performs best for foods that require slow cooking with minimal heating. However, if you are looking for a burner that will get as hot as seven burning suns, you might want to look at other units on the list.

  • Ideal for low simmering.
  • It comes with a one-year warranty.
  • Beautiful design.
  • Pocket-friendly pricing.
  • Comes with a digital timer.
  • Maximum heat production could be better.
  • It is slightly noisy.


7. Frigidaire FFGF3052TS 30 Inch Gas Freestanding Range

Frigidaire FFGF3052TS 30 Inch Gas Freestanding Range with 5 Sealed Burner Cooktop, 4.2 cu. ft. Primary Oven Capacity, in Stainless Steel

Another affordable way to level up your cooking is with the Frigidaire FFGF3052TS. It boasts of speedy boiling capacity with low simmering temperatures that are perfect for cooking delicate meals.


In terms of features, the Frigidaire FFGF3052TS gives you 5 burners that range from 5000 to 16000 BTUs. The unit features a 4.2 cubit feet oven capacity with a large window on the oven’s door for easy monitoring. It also comes with continuous corner-to-corner grates that make it easy to move pans around.


Its oven does not have convection settings; however, the Frigidaire FFGF3052TS does a great job at regulating the temperature in the oven. In fact, you will be surprised just how well it performs when it comes to browning cookies. Apart from a consistent oven performance, this unit also offers a wide span of temperatures. This makes it ideal for those who would want to throw together a sizzling stir-fry. Finally, it offers easy cleaning even though it doesn’t have the self-cleaning feature.

  • Excellent heat range for various cooking needs.
  • Continuous cooking top design.
  • Inexpensive pricing.
  • Decent temperature regulation.
  • Fast preheating performance.
  • Cleaning can be difficult.
  • Does not include a warranty.


8. Cosmo COS-965AGC 36-Inch 3.8 Cubic Feet Single Oven Gas Range

Cosmo COS-965AGC 36 in. 3.8 cu. ft. Single Oven Gas Range with 5 Burner Cooktop and Heavy Duty Cast Iron Grates in Stainless Steel

Whenever you need a high-performance appliance in the kitchen, the best place to start is your gas range. For a decent upgrade, another unit that offers both performance and functionality is the Cosmo COS-965AGC.


The reason why Cosmo’s gas ranges are popular is simple; their units come in stylish and trendy designs that easily fit into any kitchen. The Cosmo COS-965AGC is certainly no different, it comes with a stainless steel finish and heavy-duty cast-iron grates that are easy to clean. In the oven, you get a fan-assisted circular heating convention that heats your food evenly. This is a freestanding gas range that includes safety features as well.


Simply put, the Cosmo COS-965AGC is built for durability. Its cast-iron grates and metal knobs are designed to last a lifetime. It also boasts of pleasing aesthetics that easily blends in any modern kitchen. When compared to rival units, the Cosmo COS-965AGC ranks pretty well. It boasts of a maximum BTU capacity of 18,000 BTUs and a minimum of 5,000 BTUs. In terms of control, the unit comes with a digital clock, timer, and dual oven lights that allow for easy monitoring.

  • Decent heating range.
  • Easily compliments any kitchen.
  • Features electronic controls for convenience.
  • Easy cleaning.
  • Heat distribution in the oven could be better.


9. ZLINE 30-Inch Professional Oven Range

ZLINE 30 in. Professional 4.0 cu. ft. Gas Burner/Electric Oven Range in Stainless Steel (RA30)

ZLINE has been producing gas ranges for over 10 years now, and by the look of the ZLINE 30-Inch Professional Oven Range, you can agree that this is a customer-centric brand.


The ZLINE Professional Oven Range does not just look great on the outside, it also performs as advertised. It comes with a 4 cubic feet oven that can handle any cooking needs. With five front control knobs, this unit gives easy access and fast monitoring of how your food is progressing. The oven is made of high-quality glass and aluminum mesh, and the doors are designed to stay cool even when the interior is toasty. The burners on this unit provide a cooking power that ranges from 4,200 BTUs to 18,000 BTUs, which is decent for a variety of cooking requirements.


If you are going for a unit that will look brand new even after years of use, the ZLINE 30-Inch Professional Oven Range makes up a decent choice, it features a no-scratch ceramic finish that is durable and easy to clean. The stylish Italian burners also do a good job in terms of durability. When it comes to cooking, this gas range is pretty decent for fast heating and boiling as well as low simmering. The knobs are easy to use plus they bring about great convenience whenever you need to control the lights and check on the progress of your food.

  • Beautiful aesthetics.
  • Durable heavy-duty build quality.
  • Easy to use front controls.
  • Ample size oven.
  • Conversion kit not included.
  • Low simmering capacity could be better.


10. Cosmo F965 36-Inches Dual Fuel Gas Range

Cosmo F965 Range, 36

The Cosmo F965 is a mid-range gas range that is designed with the modern consumer in mind. It features a digital clock and timer that gives chefs access to smart tools for efficient cooking.


If you need a high heat searing unit, the 18,000-BTU capacity of the Cosmo F965 will certainly not disappoint. The unit comes with a decent rapid to medium and even high heat cooking power plus long simmers that can be set to 5,000 BTUs. You also get a removable work ring on the iron grates, making up for a beautiful cooktop that is easy to clean.

Whenever you need to bake cookies and cakes, the Cosmo F965 provides you with an oven with Turbo True European Convection. This means you can control the 3100-watt heating elements to the precise settings you want.


Additionally, the unit does a decent job when it comes to temperature regulation and airflow in the oven. Most users report that it was able to deliver evenly cooked meals that were also tasty. Since electricity is known to produce higher heat levels than gas, the Cosmo F965 comes with an electric oven and a gas cooktop. This combination makes up for an efficient and reliable gas range for a variety of cooking needs.

Perhaps the only deal-breaker is that even though this gas range can work with natural gas as well as liquid propane, you might have to buy a conversion kit separately. This is, however, a small price to pay considering the convenient features the unit comes with.

  • Dual fuel range for efficiency.
  • Convection fans included for even heat distribution.
  • Powerful burner performance.
  • Smart modern design.
  • Cleaning can be difficult.
  • The conversion kit is not included.


Buying Guide of Gas Ranges

If you are hunting one of the best professional gas ranges, there are several factors you should consider. We are discussing the major ones here so that you can pick the right product for your restaurant or cafeteria.

British Thermal Unit (BTU). Professional gas ranges come with a variety of price tags, features, and BTU. Before you invest in one of them, check its BTU because it is one of the essential factors that will decide how efficiently you or the staff will be cooking.

Gas ranges with low price tags come with a low BTU of 10, 000, which may not be sufficient to heat and cook the required items at a professional level. However, it works fine if the gas range is inside a residential area. Medium range gas ranges are available with a BTU up to 12, 000, which is better. However, at a professional level, you might need a high-end gas range that comes with a BTU of 17, 000. At such number, you can be assured that the cooking will be completed early and you can check other items in the kitchen.


If you are allowing a gas range to invade in your kitchen, then make sure you take maximum work from it. So, look for a maximum number of stoves and double oven so that you can cook more items and use the oven for dual purpose. However, match the dimensions with the space available in your kitchen to avoid unnecessary trouble. That’s what we will talk about next.


 Professional gas ranges come in size varying between 30 to 48 inches. Primary functions are the same between the two categories, but the features are different. In a 48-inch professional gas range, you will get additions like griddles with extra burners, woks, etc. So, if you want some additional hardware or functions in a gas range, then look for the bigger one.


Gas ranges are expensive than electric ones. However, the initial price is overshadowed by the cost savings it does on your electricity bills. Still, there are various price categories in the professional gas ranges. If you do not need advanced features because you have just shifted to a new house after investing a lot, then look for gas range only with basic functionalities.


Frequently Asked Questions

What should be my preferred BTU?

For residential use, the BTU per burner should be 7000. On the other hand, if you need some fire monster at a professional premise, then opt for a gas range with more then 12, 000 BTU.

Which material is best for a professional gas range?

We recommend stainless steel because it brings a modern appearance to your kitchen. Moreover, it will last longer than any other material.

What should the preferred number of burners on a professional gas range?

It depends upon the circumstances. If you are using it for residential purpose and you are a family of two, then a couple of burners will suffice. On the other hand, if you are a family of four or more than that, then you should prefer a gas range with quad burners.

Professional use is altogether different; you will always need the maximum number of burners. So, as we stated earlier, it all depends on the requirements.

Do all professional gas ranges need electricity to operate?

Most of the gas ranges have an option of automatic ignition, which requires an electrical connection. Other than that, there is no interference from electricity. If you do not want to keep it plugged in, then use a matchbox or lighter to fire up the burner.



Now that you have our top ten best professional gas ranges, finding one that fits your style will be a no brainer. If you are remodeling your kitchen, consider the aesthetics as well as the size of the unit you’ll settle for. For commercial uses, going with a self-cleaning unit is almost always the right thing to do. The reason is simple, frequent use requires regular maintenance and a self-cleaning unit can make the job easy.

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