5 Best Dining Chairs Review 2019 [Experts Selection]

Every one of us wants to have a great dinner with family sitting comfortably in a relaxed way and taking feedback from kids and have a chit-chat with. Sometimes friends and relatives join at the weekend to dine with you. To facilitate that you should have the best dining chairs at your dining space.

So, if you want everyone to experience a comfortable sitting along with the style and design, you should not compromise with the quality. You should opt for chairs that go with your dining space, match the quality and stay durable in the long run.

To get the right chair for your dining table, you need a careful analysis covering every aspect. We made this job easy for you.

Today, we came up to introduce 5 best quality dining chairs with you. Hopefully, our reviews and buying guide will be helpful to you.

Best 5 Dining Chair Reviewed 2019

1. Winsome Wood Windsor Chair Review – Best Choice

Key Info

  • Dimensions(Height×Width×Depth): 37″×17.5″×16.5″
  • Seat Height: 17.9″
  • Seat Dimensions(Width × Depth): 18.5″×15.4″
  • Seat Back(Width Height): 19.2″×18.1″
  • Item Weight: 30.7 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: Up to 220 lbs


If you are an admirer of classical style chair, then Winsome Wood comes with Windsor chair. Windsor chair is a traditional style chair. While sitting on this chair, you will get a casual and country feel. This Winsome Wood Windsor is a set of 2 chairs with a lasting design. This set of the chair easily can match with your dining table or kitchen table of any other brand or style.

This antique style chair is built on solid beech wood. The stretchers are double-rung and placed between legs to make sure the chair gets a sturdy foundation. This all-wood chair is heavier in weight and can easily take the load of a 220 lbs person. 

The natural finishing gives a classy and simple look to this Windsor chair. You can easily fit the chairs with any of your wooden tables at your house. Additionally, this antique color will beautify the interior look of your room.

If you are concerned about your backbone, then don’t worry. This Windsor style chair has a hoop frame and designed with spindles that are built to support your back, which ensures that it is one of the most comfortable casual dining chairs. Thus, dining with your family will not going to be spoiled.

The chair comes pre-assembled. So, you won’t be needing any additional setup after you buy it. Unpack it and start using right away.

The seat height is 17.5″ from ground, which is lesser than the standard 18.5″. It helps an average height people to sit comfortably.

What We Like

The timeless design and traditional touch, which easily goes with other furniture of your home. You don’t have to think of changing other home décors to adjust; rather this natural-color chair will blend with your home environment.

The seat is very comfortable and backrest is suitable. Which makes sure that you will get support while you sitting on the chair. This Windsor back dining chair is also comfy for those who have a problem with bad backs.

This chair is well made with beech wood and very strong which increases its durability. Whether you are an average sized or a big man, this chair is up for the challenge.

Another reason why we picked Winsome Wood Windsor Chair is its reasonable price. It should be the best value dining chair for your family.

Flaws but Not Dealbreakers

The only objectionable issue we found with this chair is the size, which seems small for the taller guys. However, for an average person it offers strong support and comfortable sitting arrangement.

The weight of this classic chair is above average. Where the average dining seat weight is 25 lbs, its weigh 30 lbs.

2. Roundhill Furniture Habit Dining Chair Review

Key Facts

  • Dimensions(Height×Width×Depth): 39.2″× 18″× 26″
  • Seat Height: 19″
  • Apron Height: 6.5″
  • Apron to floor: 12.5″
  • Item Weight: 18 lbs


If you are looking for upholstered dining chairs, then the Roundhill Furniture Habit Solid Wood Tufted Parsons Dining Chair should be the automatic choice. This is one of the most stylish among the upholstered chairs. Its eye-catching style is simply perfected to fit for royalty. Additionally, the chair is button-tufted, which maximize the beauty of your room.

The legs are made of solid wood that ensures durability.  Once you buy this set of a chair it will last for years. The cushioned seat covered by linen-look fabric and deeply tufted back with the elegant design ensures comfortable sitting.

The finishing of the legs is with whitewash light color, which is adjustable in any place. The back seat is nicely finished with tufted button soft fabric upholstery. Thus, your back will get comfortable support while you sitting on this armless chair.  

These Roundhill high-back chairs are smartly and slightly curved that is sure to give you more comfort.  You can easily relax your shoulder while sipping coffee.

The seat height is 19″. SO, any of the family members even if he is taller guy can seat comfortably.

What We Like

This pair of the chair is available in different color i.e. blue, charcoal, grey, purple, tan and yellow. You can choose any of those colors considering fitting with your other home décor.

The style and eye-catching design of this chair make it one of the best modern dining chairs.

The chair back featuring a tufted button that allows more comfort and boost the overall look.

The chair is comparatively lightweight that is easily movable.

Flaws but Not Dealbreakers

The chair is not pre-assembled; however, it is not hard work to set it up. Manufacturers provide all the tools.

Few may find the price is a bit higher. However, considering the style that is Parsons Chair, one might ready to spend for this pair.

3. Buxenburg Dining Room Chair Review

Key Facts

  • Dimensions(Height×Width×Depth): 40.5″×19″×23″
  • Seat Height: 19″
  • Item Weight: 22 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: Up to 300 lbs
Ashley Furniture Signature Design - Baxenburg Dining Room Chair


If you looking chair to fit in your formal dining room then this Buxenburg Dining Room chair is worthy. The craft and design are a timeless style that is livable and comfortable at the same time. The manufacturer of this item ‘Ashleyfurniture Industries’ is an age-old company who has been providing furniture for 70 years and trusted sources for consumers. 

The frame of this traditional look dining seat is made of engineered wood that makes it strong and sturdy. The back and seat are cushioned with tweedy upholstering that is of cozy 100% polyester.

The chair designed with evergreen nailhead trim. This timeless trim will certainly inspire you to own a pair of this chair. The knobbed legs have boosted the appeal of this dining seat. The chair is armless as expected to add the charming in your formal dining room.

The overall dimension of this chair is 40.5″H× 19″W× 23″D, which is perfect to place in a small apartment.

The chair is 22lbs in weight which is an average. So, no extra labor required to move this item.

What We Like

The Manufacturer industries are industry boss for a long time and they have a history of customer satisfaction with their product.

The seat material along with the color gives an awesome look of this chair to fit in.

The classic curvy back is quite impressive and it gives a royal feeling while sitting on this chair.

Those nailhead trim surely endures the appeal and fulfill the taste of your design.

Budget-friendly. You can opt to buy this since it is sure to be your best price dining chair.

Flaws but Not Dealbreakers

Not pre- assembled. Few customers found it difficult and time-consuming to assemble the chair. However, if you are a DIY person, you can make it of your own comfort.

4. Lssbought Luxurious Dining Chair Review

Key Facts

  • Dimensions(Height×Width×Depth): 40.5″× 18.5″× 24.5″
  • Seat Height: 19″
  • Chair Weight: 26 pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 250lb


Another set of 2 dining chairs, which are classic and elegant. The design and look are eye-catching that someone will tempt to buy those. Perfect to match with dining table and finishing is go-to with almost any home décor. The Backrest is designed by copper nails that give a metallic feeling.

The strong frame of   LSSBOUGHT Luxury Chair is manufactured with durable solid wood. That ensures the strength of the chair. The seat and backseat are cushioned with high-density foam and sponge which allows you to sit comfortably for a longer period of time.

Manufacturer ensured the chair is light and breathable with upholstered fabric so that for longer sitting you don’t feel sticky and uneasy.

The finishing of the wooden legs is done with brown color which is easily fit with any other color.

The overall dimension of this armless chair is 40.5″H× 18.5″W× 24.5″D, that is for sure the expected average size.

The capacity of this classy chair is up to 250 lb. So if your toddler child ever comes to seat with you, this chair can carry the load.

What We Like

Assembly instructions and as well as the required hardware and tools are included with the package. You can easily assemble this item. Simple process. Easy to put together.

The look is nice and admirable. It simply accents the beauty of the room where the chair is kept.

Considerable the feature this dining seat is budget friendly. Manufacturers kept the price reasonable enough. You cannot beat the price.

The materials used are of high quality. The fabric and the wood- all are longer lasting.

Rolled back top of the chair is eye-catching that surely add to gorgeous look.

Flaws but Not Dealbreakers

The misaligned of the nail heads are seen with some products. It deformed the padding.

5. Lssbought Stylist Dining Chair Review

Key Facts

  • Dimensions(Height×Width×Depth): 39″× 17.7″× 24.4″
  • Seat Height: 19″
  • Weight Capacity: Up to 250 lbs


When you are opting to add more elegance to your dining space, you cannot ignore the LSSBOUGHT Stylist Dining Chair. LSSBOUGHT has a history of crafting the awesome selection of modern home décor. This set of 2 chairs comes with a contemporary look with the timeless design that easily fits into your décor.

The Stylist chair offers stability as the sturdy frame is constructed with the solid wood. The seat cushion is filled up with the sponge and high-density foam that is to ensure comfort and ease while sitting on this chair.

The overall dimension of the chair 24.4″ L X 17.7″ W X 39″ H that met the average standard.

The chair is soft to seat and touch because its upholstering is done with flannelette fabric. This sort of manufacturing makes the chair light and breathable.

The seat height is 19″ which make easy for any taller person to seat at ease.

This LSSBOUGHT chair can take the load of a 250lb person. So if any of your fatty friends or relatives joins your dinner, don’t worry.

What We Like

The chair back is tufted that add extra comfort and feel. Also, it boosts the overall look of the chair.

Easy way to assemble. Assembly instructions and necessary tools and hardware are included.

Comes in several colors; Gray, blue and beige. It gives you the freedom to choose the right one which goes with other furniture in your home.

Considering the luxury look, the price is reasonable enough. This pair of chair is budget worthy.

The high-quality fabric is used.

Flaws but Not Dealbreakers

The materials of this chair are not the best of shiny velvet. However, the design and the quality overcome this absence and make the chair of your choice.

How To Choose Dining Chairs

The dining chair is not only used for breakfast or lunch or dinner. The purposes are farther than those. You must be looking for comfort, look, and beauty. Those are important issues too. You must expect that the chair placed in your dining or kitchen room enhance the look.  So a pair of stylish dining chair is naturally desired to you and to your spouse.

So, now several factors pop up in your mind, right? Which brand, what size, which material and what color? Well, we are here to guide you the facts that are to be considered before you spend your bucks for the best buy dining chairs.

Once you settled your mind of those factors, it is relatively easier for you to pick out the one that is suitable for your house and matches with your taste.


Where you will place your chair after buying it? This is one of the very primary decisions you have to sort out first. If you fail to locate the chairs in right place, the whole arrangement of your surrounding will get messy. There needs to be sufficient space between any walls, other furniture, sideboards and the back of your chairs. It allows to be seated comfortably and to in and out of the chair without making trouble. It also gives room to others to walk around or to serve the food to the table without restraint.

The ideal gap between the wall and the edge of the table is 100/120cm. So when you seated it leaves enough space behind you.

So before you purchase chairs for dining space or kitchen-attached dining room, take the precise measurement of your dining area. The accurate measurement will provide you a clear idea of what size of the chair and how many numbers of chairs will fit in your dining space.


Either your lifestyle will drive you to buy a certain style of chair or the dining room chair style will have some impact on your mood. So consider them both. Do you want a formal look in your room or informal? Do your friends and relatives come often to dine with you together? Do you prefer a casual laid-back meal? Before purchasing the chair, bear those questions in your mind.

Generally, the high backed chair gives a formal look in your dining room.  These kinds of chairs also give a notion that it took up more space.

If the room is smaller, low backed chairs are suitable more to make feel bigger. It also gives a relaxed look, as well as fitting for the kids too.

Darker finishing chair gives a heavier look, while lighter or paler touch aid the space sense bigger.


While you buying chair for your dining table, don’t forget that the other family members will also regularly use it. So besides your comfort, consider theirs too. Below mentioned simple tips will help to make a right choice.

The seat should be at least 17 inches to 22 inches wide so that it easily supports the thighs of the tallest member of your family. And the height should be 17 inches to 19 inches.

To add your comfortable sitting and back support you can go for upholstering seating with proper padding and natural curve.  If you are the antique lover you may opt to buy a Windsor style dining chair.

It is up to you whether you will go for an armchair or side chair. At least one armchair at your dining table can aid if you are living either with any toddler, pregnant partner, knee patient or an older person.


The selection of your dining seat material is important. It not only determines the look and feels but also ensures the durability of the chair. Dining table chairs are available in different materials:

Wood is the most traditional and popular material of a chair and as well as for other furniture. Since wooden chair comes in huge numbers of style, finishing, and patterns, you can choose any. Each of the products has distinctive look.

The Manufacturer offers a huge number of chairs constructed from metal. Modern metal dining chairs are made of either all metal or a mix of metal and wood.

The Acrylic chair is most suitable for small space and easily moveable.

Rattan or wicker chairs are the mixtures of style and texture. 


This is another neglected but very important factor before buying a dining room chair. The chairs you will buy have to withstand years of kid’s wear and tear and their sticky finger. So points to consider:

Check if the chair is made of wipeable fabric and cleanable easily. Each of the material comes with its own maintenance and cleaning mechanism.

Wooden chairs are easy to clean, but wood color changes over time.

Metals are usually rust-resistant and easy to clean with a damped cloth.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

1.Should dining chairs have arms?

It is one of those age-old debates. Should your dining chair with arms or without? Basically, it depends on your choice, taste and overall structure and design of your room. Both the armrest and armless style has a distinctive design and look. So go for the one suit with your room and choice.

2. What is a Parsons chair?

Parsons Chair is crafted of woods. It features a slight curve, squared backrest, and legs that are very common and followed style. Parsons Chair’- it’s named after one of the most infamous schools from New York City “Parsons School of Design” that is viewed as one of the most distinguishes art and design school in the world. The chair was designed by the students of this school that became very popular among other. A Parsons chair can blend with nearly all décor style either formal or casual because its finishing is simple and plain. Different wood finishing and various range of upholstering options allow you to buy this quality chair.

3. Which upholstery fabrics for dining room chairs are best?

Before purchasing kitchen chair keep in consideration the tightly woven fabric that is ensured by the high thread count. You can pick either of Natural fabric or Synthetic fabric.

Natural Fabric:

  • Linen
  • Leather
  • Cotton
  • Wool
  • Cotton blend
  • Vinyl
  • Silk

Synthetic Fabric:

  • Acetate
  • Acrylic
  • Nylon
  • Olefin
  • Polyester
  • Rayon

We will recommend you to pick the Vinyl or Leather from Natural fabric. Vinyl comes with child-friendly while Leather is more forgiving and washable.

If the fabrics are blended then you can think of linen, cotton or polyester. This blended material makes much stronger fabric.

You can avoid silk if you want much durability in dining chair fabric.

4. What is seat height of a dining chair?

Seat height is the measurement from the floor to the top of the seat. Usually, the typical seat height of a chair is 17 inches to 20 inches. Before going to buy, you make sure the seat height is comfortable for you and fit with the height of the dining table.

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So, folks, chairs are not only for the dining room. The right pick allows you multiple uses. Living room to guest room, anywhere you keep a pair of the chair and enhance the accent.

We have reviewed 5 of the best dining chairs for you. Those are not only best in design, style, comfort, and material but also best price dining chair.

We also addressed a buying guide for you which must help to choose the appropriate chair for your family.

5 Best Dining Chairs Review 2019 [Experts Selection]
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